Can I bring my dog to Countryside Live?


Although we love dogs, we operate a strict no dog’s policy for visitors (apart from assistance, therapy and support dogs or those competing).

Here’s why:

• Most main avenues are crowded and unsuitable for visitors walking dogs
• There are a number of livestock and equine areas on the showground and some animals are easily agitated in the presence of strange dogs and vice versa.
• Unfortunately not all dog owners are responsible cleaning up dog waste after them and this could present a hygiene issue for other visitors.
• Dogs are not permitted to remain in cars in the car parks owing to the risk of heat exhaustion and the same principle applies to walking them around the Showground for long periods on hot days.

Dogs are extremely sensitive to heat, and even on a mildly warm day they can quickly overheat if they are left in cars or made to take part in unnecessary exertion. Think of your dog and don’t leave it in the car as they can die if left unattended even in the shade with windows left open and water available.